The C.D.C. authorizes booster shots

The C.D.C. authorizes booster shots

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By Jonathan Wolfe for The New York Times |

Islam News – A descendant of the Delta virus, known as AY.4.2, is on the rise in Britain and is being investigated.

Pfizer said new data showed that booster shots of its vaccine were highly protective against Covid.

India’s vaccine campaign reached a billion doses, a turnaround after early stumbles.

Scientific advisers to the Centers for Disease Control today recommended extra doses of the Moderna and Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccines for tens of millions of Americans.

For those immunized with the J.&J. vaccine, the committee recommended a second dose of that vaccine at least two months after the first.

For those with an mRNA vaccine (Moderna and Pfizer), it recommended boosters six months or more after the second dose. Those eligible include adults over 65, adults 50 to 65 years old with certain medical conditions, and those in long-term care.

The advisers also said adults 18 to 49 years old with certain medical conditions, and adults whose jobs regularly expose them to the virus, may choose to receive a booster after considering their individual risk, perhaps in consultation with a medical provider.

The panelists also suggested that for their booster, people stick with the vaccine they received initially, but they conceded that some might need to mix them because of preference or availability.

If the director of the C.D.C., Dr. Rochelle Walensky, signs off on their recommendations as expected, tens of millions of Americans could seek a booster shot as early as tomorrow.

Source: The New York Times