Virus surge tests Britain’s Covid strategy

Virus surge tests Britain’s Covid strategy

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Islam News – For the last four months, Britain has run a grand epidemiological experiment, lifting virtually all coronavirus restrictions, even in the face of a high daily rate of infections.

The rapid rollout of vaccines, leaders said, allowed the freewheeling approach to be safe, according to The New York Times.

But that theory is being put to the test. Cases, hospital admissions and deaths are up, and the effect of vaccines is beginning to wear off. More vaccinated people seem to be getting infected, a shift from a few weeks ago, when schoolchildren made up the bulk of cases.

“Everything is hitting us at once,” said Tim Spector, a genetic epidemiology professor at King’s College London. The sudden resurgence is a rude jolt for a country that believed it had put the worst of the pandemic behind it.

New cases surpassed 50,000 on Thursday, an 18 percent increase over the last week. The number of people admitted to hospitals rose 15.4 percent over the same period, reaching 959, while 115 people died of Covid-19, an increase of almost 11 percent.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that “the numbers of infections are high but we are within the parameters of what the predictions were,” adding, “We are sticking with our plan.

Source: The New York Times