Reuters/Ipsos poll shows Biden ahead of Trump in Michigan, tied in North Carolina

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Reuters/Ipsos is polling likely voters in six states – Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, North Carolina, Florida and Arizona – that will play critical roles in deciding whether Trump wins a second term in office or if Biden ousts him.

Below is a state-by-state look at Reuters/Ipsos findings, based on the online responses of likely voters, which include responses from some who cast ballots ahead of the formal Nov. 3 Election Day, which is increasingly common due to the coronavirus pandemic:

MICHIGAN (Oct. 7 – Oct. 13):

** Voting for Biden: 51%

** Voting for Trump: 43%

** Result unchanged from prior week.

** 22% said they already had voted.

** 51% said Biden would be better at handling the coronavirus pandemic. 41% said Trump would be better.

** 47% said Trump would be better at managing the economy. 46% said Biden would be better.

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