Al Monitor: Us Drone Strike Murders Several attendees At Al-Qaeda Meeting In Idlib

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Islam news- Al monitor reported a US drone strike murdered several attendees, at least 10 of them, at a meeting held in Idlib on Thursday, US Central Command stated.

CENTCOM spokesperson Maj. Beth Riordan stated that the strike hit senior leaders of al-Qaeda group of which this group threatens America and its allies. He said, “With our allies and partners, we will continue to target al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations” for that they are establishing safe shelter to arrange terrorist activities.

Charles Lister, a Washington based analyst, tweeted that 11 people were murdered in the strike, including a former commander in Jabhat Al- Nusra.
Another source, The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights stated that 14 people were murdered, 5 of them included foreign jihadists and 6 other commanders.

Local reports said that many of those murdered were rivals of Hayat Tahrir AL-Sham, a prominent Islamist militant group based in Idlib.

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