Coronavirus On The Leap In The U.S; Europe Faces Deadly Resurgence

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Islam New- AP report- Just as health experts feared, coronavirus deaths per day are escalating heavily in America. Despite Trump’s affirmations, “we’re rounding the turn, we’re doing great,” cases are rising in almost every state.

According to data from Johns Hopkins University, the average of death per day ascended to 10% in the last couple weeks. Confirmed infections per day are on rise in the 47 nations, and deaths are getting higher in 34 nations, as reported by Lisa Marie Pane and Mike Stobbe.

Europe’s Resurgence: Europe’s confirmed death toll exceeded 250,000. A French doctor has alarmed that France has “lost control of the epidemic,” since the day after the French authorities registered over 52,000 infections.

Spain, the first European country to exceed one million confirmed cases, stated an emergency case including whole nation overnight curfew.

Italy, the people of Italy expressed their anger in many cities over the recent covid-19 restrictions, which include force closing restaurants, cafes at 6 p.m and shut the leisure venues.

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