GOP and Barr Support Trump’s Baseless Claims in Fighting Election Results

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The New York Times- Few Republicans acknowledged Biden’s victory; but the others, including Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnel, supported Trump in his fight doubting the election results.
“The developments cast doubt on whether the U.S. would witness the same kind of smooth transition of power that has long anchored its democracy,” The New York Times reported.
However, Biden’s victory will be confirmed on Dec. 14.
Even with Trump’s baseless claims, Attorney General -William Barr- has authorized the Justice Department to re-check allegations of voter fraud.
As Biden started to assemble his team experts to fight the pandemic, the federal agency which has to greenlight the beginning of power transition held off.
Moreover, as Trump insists not to concede, the White House is cracking down those who are not considered loyal.
There is no expectation that Trump will concede. And there is no law obliges him to concede, as The New York Times stated. But in case he doesn’t, Trump will be the first presidential nominee to ever ignore a tradition of such a peaceful transition throughout American History.

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