PM declines to be questioned in Beirut blast probe, official source says

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Islam News – Lebanon’s caretaker prime minister, Hassan Diab, has declined to be questioned by a judge who charged him and three former ministers with negligence over the Beirut port blast, an official source said on Monday, according to Reuters agency.

Investigating magistrate Fadi Sawan has been criticised for bringing charges by influential parties including the group Hezbollah and leader Saad al-Hariri.

Some politicians have suggested Sawan was selective in deciding who to charge, and that he overstepped his powers by charging government ministers. Others, including the head of the Beirut Bar Association, have said the move showed courage.

Diab says his conscience is clear over the August blast, which killed 200 people, injured thousands and devastated entire districts. His cabinet, which took office in January, quit after the disaster but continues to serve in a caretaker role.

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