Macron’s positive test reverberates among European leaders

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Islam News – After President Emmanuel Macron of France tested positive for the coronavirus, other European leaders he recently met have begun to self-quarantine, the New York Times said.
The Élysée Palace announced Mr. Macron’s illness without providing details on the gravity of his condition. The Spanish and Portuguese prime ministers, who had lunch with him this week, said they would self-quarantine. Mr. Macron attended a European Union summit last week.
The potential contagion complicates Europe’s efforts to overcome a crippling second wave of the pandemic.
How Mr. Macron — who, at 42, is not among the most vulnerable to a serious bout of Covid-19 — contracted the virus is a mystery. He has taken its dangers seriously, unlike more cavalier world leaders who’ve been infected — including President Trump, President Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil, and Prime Minister Boris Johnson of Britain.

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