Hamas calls for dismantling American field hospital for failing to provide needed services

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IslamNews – The Hamas movement has refused to approve the operation of the American field hospital in the Gaza Strip, just two weeks after it began operating, after the hospital’s management reportedly reneged on its previous promises to provide medical services that are not available in the besieged enclave.

A source from Hamas, which has been governing the Gaza Strip since 2007, confirmed to Turkey’s Anadolu News Agency Jan. 14 that the movement decided to prohibit patients from going to or dealing with the American field hospital that was established in northern Gaza. Hamas argues that the hospital is not providing the services that were agreed upon in the truce understandings with Israel.

According to the same source, Hamas agreed to the building of the field hospital at the end of 2018, as part of the United Nations-brokered truce understandings agreed upon under Arab mediation to stop military escalation with Israel at the time. The truce also mentioned a series of other incentives, including the renewal of the monthly Qatari grant to Gaza amounting to $30 million.

This is in addition to building and operating the American hospital to admit difficult medical cases, such as cancer, and heart and psychiatric illnesses, which are usually transferred for treatment to Israeli hospitals or Palestinian health-care establishments in the West Bank.

The source said that Hamas informed the mediators of its decision to suspend the hospital’s work, arguing that the building of said hospital was initially approved on the basis that it would cover the shortages facing Gaza’s health-care sector.

Source:Mddle East

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