Al-Jubeir: We will continue to work with America to confront our common enemies

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IslamNews – Saudi Arabia welcomed US President Joe Biden’s pledge to continue co-operation with the kingdom in defending its sovereignty and confronting threats.

The Minister of State for Foreign Affairs and Member of the Saudi Cabinet, Adel Al-Jubeir, declared that “US President Joe Biden’s speech was historic.” “He affirmed America’s commitment to working with friends and allies to resolve conflicts and deal with challenges,” he said in a series of tweets on Twitter Friday.

“We look forward to working with our friends in the United States to end conflicts and meet challenges, as we have done for more than 7 decades,” he added.
he explained: “Saudi Arabia and America made sacrifices in liberating Kuwait and in fighting Al Qaeda, including in Yemen and ISIS in Syria, and we will continue to stand together to confront our common enemies.”

Source: Al Arabiya

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