Hamas leader: Two-state solution is a one big lie and the Palestinian reconciliation sets back

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Islam News – Labib Taha speaks with Dr. Mahmoud Al Azahar, a prominent member in Hamas group, who answered several questions regarding the Palestinian developments, in an interview with Shujun Arabia.

Some of the major points discussed in this interview are the following;

For Mr. Taha’s question, “Will the so called the “Deal of the Century” be over by the end of Trump’s presidency period?” Dr. Al Zahar responded, the “Deal of the Century” is a Zionist project started before 1948 in purpose to finish off the Palestinian issue, which achieved several activities such as normalization between Israel and the Gulf countries, thus changes in cultural awareness in some of the Gulf countries.

Concerning normalization, Mr. Labib Taha asked if the official Arab normalization has stopped by the close end of Trump’s presidency. In his turn, Dr. Al Zahar said the normalization will only halt on Media, but will proceed away from the public. It may be stopped in the countries that hadn’t normalized yet or did, but didn’t benefit from it. Thus, the Yemen war may be ceased, the Syrian conflict may be solved, and the relations with Iran and Syria may get better.

Dr. Al Zahar added, the Palestinian people are keeping connection with the normalized countries by simply ignoring their criminal act and not going through fights on media. Thus, they adopt new policies to form regional allies against Israel, spread awareness for the Arab people, and encourage the Islamic people to stand with the Palestine issue.

After the latest developments in Palestine, the Palestinian reconciliation is stopped as expected, or rather setback, said Dr. Al Zahara.

The reconciliation agrees on one project only; and it doesn’t exist. As for the security coordination, it is a betrayal to God, Palestine, and the Palestinian issue, he said.

As for the two-state solution, it is obviously a one big lie and Trump’s plan proved the real intentions. Ever since he announced the merge plan, the two-state solutions talks ended; hence, the settlement achieved in eliminating the Palestinian issue for both Palestine country and its people.   

Coming to what did Hamas gain out of ruling in Gaza, and what did it lose; Dr. Al Zahar noted, it gained that the resistant group didn’t get hit by Ramallah authority, expelled the occupier, fought corruption – though within certain limits – thus, gained experience, mainly administrative experience in all fields.

At last, Mr. Labib Taha closed the interview by asking Dr. Al Zahar if he would like to add something; Dr. Mahmoud Al Zahar pointed towards the impact of Trump’s departure on the political aspect. Now, all the countries that bet on the “Deal of the Century” can neither step forward nor back, but be powerless; for that some countries systems have been unveiled like, the Gulf and Sudan. Thus, the Yemen war will cease, the situation will get better in Iran, Turkey, and may be Syria, and human rights will be activated. Furthermore, North Africa will witness improvements in countries, as Tunis and Algeria, not to mention the war in Libya will gradually end. And finally, the countries will recover from the wrong policies, such as the Nile Water issue, and the situation in Sudan and the gulf.

Translated by: Rayan Hussein Haidar