A hunger crisis in Yemen

A hunger crisis in Yemen

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IslamNews – For the second time in three years, the threat of widespread famine hangs over the war-torn country, where millions are displaced and struggle daily to find food.

The war has led to chronic food shortages in what was already the Arab world’s poorest country. Famine was averted in 2018 only by a large influx of foreign aid. But the threat is greater this time, aid groups say, as the war grinds on and the pandemic has left donor nations more focused on internal matters.

When Iman Murshid’s 8-month-old son came down with a fever and vomiting, she spent three days trying to get a ride to the nearest clinic, eventually setting out on foot for two hours with her child. Even after a week of treatment, his acute malnutrition has left him weak and barely able to move.

The United Nations says that 3.6 million Yemenis face emergency food shortages and 16,500 have reached catastrophic levels. It estimates that 400,000 children are at risk of dying of hunger.

Source: The New York Times