After Utah and Romania, the mysterious monolith appears then disappears in California

After Utah and Romania, the mysterious monolith appears then disappears in California

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Islam News – It happened again! This time the monolith appeared mysteriously atop Pine Mountain in southern California. But, how it left is no secret; several young men who officials said had apparently driven five hours from Southern California livestreamed themselves tearing out the shiny, three-sided steel structure in Stadium Park early Thursday morning, and then leaving a plywood cross in its place.

“Christ is king!” the men, wearing night vision goggles and camo gear, chanted in the grainy video as they toppled the shiny structure, in a video that was posted to the streaming site by someone using the name CultureWarCriminal, but later removed, according to The San Luis Obispo Tribune.

One of the men said in the video that they removed the structure to “tell the alien overlords they are not welcome,” according to The Tribune.

 Another claimed they were operating “on direct orders of QAnon and President Trump himself,” referring to the conspiracy theory that falsely claims Mr. Trump is being undermined by a group of Democratic pedophiles.

A second video posted shortly after the first showed the men dragging the monolith down the hill while shouting “America first!” and referring to themselves as military veterans, according to the paper.

The California monolith had been the third shiny metal structure to crop up in the past month, after Utah and Romania -To be three monoliths in a month!

Like the structure in Romania, the California structure appears to be a copycat of the original in Utah. It stood about 10 feet tall and weighed an estimated 200 pounds, according to the City of Atascadero. While the Utah structure was firmly mounted, The Atascadero News reported that the California monolith was a little wobbly and it seemed that it would be possible to push it over.

In an interview on Thursday morning, Terrie Banish – deputy city manager of the small town on the central California coast – said that whoever had installed it would have had to hike up to the site, which has an elevation of about 1,300 feet and is approximately two miles from the nearest parking lot, as the New York Times reported.