As Sudan signs Abraham accords, Israelis tighten their grip in Africa

As Sudan signs Abraham accords, Israelis tighten their grip in Africa
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Islam News – Sudanese Justice Minister Nasredeen Abdulbari signed on to the Abraham Accords today in Khartoum, officially agreeing to normalize diplomatic ties with Israel. The signature took place in the presence of US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, who is currently visiting the country, as AL-Monitor reported.

The signing in Khartoum ended weeks of speculations for the Israelis over the commitment of Sudan to the move, first announced Oct. 23 by President Donald Trump. After the festive announcement in October, it became clear to Jerusalem that Khartoum was conditioning normalization on the United States erasing it off the blacklist of countries supporting Iran.

Israel’s Foreign Ministry sees ties with Sudan as extremely important strategically.

With Sudan on board and excluding Djibouti and Somalia, Israelis now maintain diplomatic relations with most of the Red Sea basin countries on the African side. Going from north to south, Israel has cold yet solid peace with Egypt; it has fresh, new diplomatic ties with Sudan; it has full though somewhat complicated diplomatic relations with Eritrea; it has especially warm ties with Kenya; and it maintains regular diplomatic ties with Tanzania and Mozambique. Ethiopia does not have an opening to the sea, but could be also included it in the Red Sea basin region. Jerusalem has privileged relations with Addis Ababa on many levels and for many years already, including security cooperation.

Considering this long list, Israelis would now like to establish diplomatic relations also with Muslim Djibouti.
On Nov. 25, Djibouti President Ismail Omar Guelleh addressed this issue in an interview with Africa Report, stating that Djibouti will not establish official ties with Israel without progress toward peace with the Palestinians.
And continued that his country does not have an issue with Jews or with Israelis.

Last on this list of Red Sea basin countries in which Israelis would like a foothold is Muslim Somalia. The government in Mogadishu is clearly not interested in establishing ties with the Israelis, but leaders in self-proclaimed Somaliland, which is part of Somalia, might have a different opinion.
The recent Abraham Accords might push further in that direction, as the Emirates are Somaliland’s biggest development and strategic partner.

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