Before the Knesset votes , Bennett pledges to continue settlements and threatens “Hamas”

Before the Knesset votes , Bennett pledges to continue settlements and threatens “Hamas”

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Islam News – The Knesset is voting today to form a government without Netanyahu.

In his speech to the Knesset, Bennett thanked Netanyahu and his wife Sarah and pledged to continue settlement activities, including in “Area C” of the occupied West Bank, and “preserve Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people and a strong democracy”.

Bennett pledged to “open a new page in relations with Arab citizens,” and acknowledged Netanyahu’s contribution to “paving the way” for cooperation with the “United Arab List” headed by Mansour Abbas.

Bennett warned the Palestinians that “violence will be confronted with an iron fist,” and vowed “Hamas” a “wall of fire” in response to any escalation, noting that the continuation of calm would bring “economic progress and the prevention of friction.”

Bennett pledged that his government would work to restore and restore the Israeli citizens detained in the Gaza Strip, describing this as a “sacred responsibility.”

In his speech, Bennett expressed his strong opposition to the resumption of the nuclear agreement concluded between Iran and major powers in 2015, stressing that Israel would not allow Tehran to obtain a nuclear arsenal.

He said: “Israel will not allow Iran to obtain nuclear weapons. Israel is not a party to the deal and we will maintain complete freedom of action.”

Bennett pledged to “expand the circle of peace” with the countries of the region, referring in this regard to the peace agreement signed between Israel and the UAE last September.

Bennett also thanked US President Joe Biden for his pro-Israel stances during the recent round of escalation around the Gaza Strip and his firm commitment to Israel’s security, and quoted the White House master as saying: “There will be no peace in the region unless all countries in it recognize Israel as a Jewish state.”

Netanyahu’s supporters have consistently boycotted Bennett’s speech.

Source : RT Arabic & Times of Israel