Hamas fires rockets after Israel destroys third Gaza tower

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Islam News – After an Israeli airstrike destroyed a tower in Gaza, Hamas militants responded by launching rockets towards Tel Aviv in the worst outbreak of violence between Israelis and Palestinians in several years.

Violent clashes between the Israeli military and the Islamist group Hamas in Gaza continued on Tuesday following days of rising tensions in Jerusalem.

Israeli airstrikes reportedly killed dozens of Palestinians in Gaza, including children, while several rockets fired by Hamas breached Israel’s air defense system, killing three civilians.

Some 130 rockets were fired by Hamas and the militant group “Islamic Jihad” towards Tel Aviv, killing one civilian. Two more civilians, including an Indian national, were killed in rocket fire in the southern city of Ashkelon after several missiles were able to get through Israel’s “Iron Dome” aerial defense system.

Rockets also damaged a key Israeli pipeline, local media reported.

Palestinian officials said that 32 people have been killed so far in the airstrikes, 10 of whom were children. An airstrike also flattened a 13-story office building in Gaza, which the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) has claimed housed top Hamas officials.

Despite international calls for an end to the violence, both sides have promised to keep responding to acts of aggression.

Source: DW