Hezbollah Official: Targeting the Israeli drones is part of deterrence

Hezbollah Official: Targeting the Israeli drones is part of deterrence

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Islam News – The Deputy Secretary-General of Hezbollah, Sheikh Naim Qassem, affirmed that Hezbollah has supported the formation of a Lebanese government as soon as possible, and that from the first day  was with facilitating the completion of its formation.

Qassem stressed in an interview with Al-Nour Radio  that his party was not an obstacle of the government’s forming, and that the main problem is internal and that external influence appears now to be limited, pointing out that if President Michel Aoun and PM Saad Hariri agree, the government will be formed.

Sheikh Qassem stressed that Hezbollah calls Aoun and Hariri to reach an understanding to address the outstanding problems of the government’s forming, denying that the issue of the guarantor third had been raised with any party.

He denied that the process of the government’s forming  is linked to the Iranian nuclear agreement crisis,  pointing out that the aim of these rumour is to discredit Hezbollah and to remove responsibility for them, their groups and their negligence.

Qassem stated that Hezbollah wants a government and works to achieve that. He denied that Iran or any other country had anything to do with the party’s position on forming the government. He added that the party is not in a position to impose anything on its allies because it is unable and not convinced of that.

On the French initiative, the Deputy Secretary-General of Hezbollah spoke of signs of its return again, but its features are not yet clear, calling on the French to work in a conciliatory and not biased manner. He clarified that the contacts between the French and Hezbollah have never been interrupted and are continuing.


Regarding the security situation, Qassem believed that it is still under control and that the concerned parties were able to prevent sedition, but we should not sleep on silk, considering that what happened in Tripoli (North Lebanon) is very dangerous and should be condemned. He explained that there are poor people who protested because of the pain they suffer, but  there was a political exploitation of those people’s pain to achieve political gains. He spoke about internal and external anti-Lebanese sides, indicating that he does not absolve America of this type of sabotage, with its policies, of this type of sabotage.

As for the resistance targeting the Israeli hostile drones, Qassem pointed out that this targeting comes within the context of a clear equation, which is part of deterrence with the Israeli enemy.

With regard to the understanding paper with the “Free Patriotic Movement” and its development, Qassem talked about ideas that the two parties are preparing for discussion and that preparations between the two sides have begun, and he pointed out that the existing understanding paper is valid to continue and meet the required needs, but what is required is discussion for development.

He expected things to be calmer with the Biden administration, ruling out the possibility of quick solutions to the outstanding issues. He stressed that the negotiations between Washington and Tehran have nothing to do with Lebanon, pointing out that Iran throughout its history has not accepted that the issue of Hezbollah or any of its allies be brought up on the negotiating table.