What’s next in U.S.-Russia relations?

What’s next in U.S.-Russia relations?

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Islam  News – After a summit between President Biden and President Vladimir Putin, the mood shifted in Moscow, where the foreign policy establishment expressed some cautious optimism about the way forward.

Russian analysts and officials said they saw in Biden a recognition that he had to contend with Russian interests. Some commentators on state television celebrated the fact that Biden referred to Russia as a “great power” — a departure from President Barack Obama, who had pointedly called Russia a “regional power.”

Americans called Biden almost too optimistic about a change of Kremlin policy, though allies say optimism is an essential ingredient to achieve progress. Biden said his strategy was to figure out what his adversary wants, which in Putin’s case is “legitimacy, standing in the world stage.” He said, “They desperately want to be relevant.”

Mission accomplished? Biden had three big goals on his Europe trip: Convince allies that America was back; gather them in common cause against the threat of China; and establish some red lines for Putin. Our correspondents write that he achieved the first two, but it’s unclear whether progress was made with Russia.

Source: The New York Times