A shocking study .. Corona may infiltrate the brain tissues

A shocking study .. Corona may infiltrate the brain tissues

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Islam News – New studies do not stop from time to time to reveal recent symptoms and discovered health consequences for people who have been infected with the Corona virus, even after they have recovered from the disease, such as the phenomenon of “Covid nails”, chronic muscle pain and other health problems.

However, a recent study conducted by researchers in the United Kingdom, revealed that the virus may lead to some patients losing their senses of smell and taste permanently, and may cause brain loss in the long term!

long term consequences
Scott Gottlieb, the former director of the US Food and Drug Administration, explained that there may be some long-term loss of brain tissue due to the virus, indicating that this has some long-term consequences.

He also added that “this can be compensated for over time, so some symptoms may go away, but you will never recover tissue if it is destroyed by the virus.”

brain scan (expressive)

In addition, researchers in the United Kingdom gained access to a brain image test of about 40,000 people, which was conducted before the start of the Corona virus pandemic.

And in 2021, they asked hundreds of these people to come back for more brain scans. Of these patients, nearly 800 responded, and 404 patients tested positive for Corona, and 394 of them underwent a brain examination that was conducted before and after the infection.

loss of gray matter
A comparison of brain scans before and after infection found significant effects of the virus on the brain, with the loss of gray matter in parts of it, which is linked to smell and taste.

Loss of smell and taste is one of the hallmarks of corona infection. Research shows that this can continue for up to 5 months after infection.

Sense of smell (iStock – expressive)

For his part, Gottlieb explained that there is a decrease in the amount of cortical tissue in areas of the brain close to the places responsible for the smell process, noting that “this is just the effect of an initial process in progress, and this process is actually the contraction of cortical tissue.”

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